SAP Controlling Expertise




CAMASIA offers Financial expertise and consulting with strong specialization in Business Controlling.
We support you in implementing and operating the most powerful and best-suited SAP Controlling tools for your business.

Our goal is to help you build and manage your company’s “Controlling Tower“.


Our philosophy

Speak your language

Our focus on Controlling issues and the experience gained both as a company and as a consulting partner puts us in position to understand your needs and speak your language.

Build «Perpetual» partnership

Our goal is to build lasting relationships with the Customer, to support them in projects for SAP implementation, assistance and continuous improvement, in revision of the Business Controlling model and related training.

SAP Standard First

Our specialization in the SAP Controlling module, matured through implementation of many complex projects, means we can recognise and use all the possibilities offered by the SAP standard. CAMASIA offers add-ons to cover specific issues, developed in-house by our own company.

High effort internal training

CAMASIA operates through constant sharing of acquired experiences and best practices, ensuring consistent services at superior level.

Every need has its solution

Select your goal and we’ll take you to your destination with the most suitable SAP tool:

Activity based costing

ABC – Activity Based Costing

Margins analysis

CO-PA – Controlling Profittability Analysis

CO-PCA – Profit Center Accounting

Commercial budget

CO-PA – Controlling Profittability Analysis

Investments budget

IM – Investment Management

Control of fixed costs

CO-OM-CCA – Cost Center Accounting

CO-OM-OPA – Internal Order Accounting

Controlling for projects

CO-PS – Project System Controlling

Effective cost of production

CO-PC-ACT – Product Costing Actual Material Ledger

Standard production cost

CO-PC – Product Costing

Inventory valuation

CO-PC-ACT – Product Costing Actual Material Ledger


WAC – Weight Average Price

Production variances

CO-PC – Product Costing